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comatosecoma asked: I love Sundance!! He's soooo lovely!! If you can give him a kiss for me! Also I hope your doing alright! If your not take some deeps breaths and watch a good movie to help you relax! have a amazing day/night!!! And I hope the rest of this weeks gets even better!Remember to take care of yourself always!!!

Thank you Annie, I needed that. I hope you have a wonderful week too. I kissed his nose, I hope that works.

alwayss-b3-you asked: I really admire that you have a fox as a pet, what is it like having a fox as a pet?

Most days it’s difficult, he requires a lot of time and attention. It’s so different from owning a dog but the fact that there’s an animal that hasnt been genetically designed to show affection still wags it’s tail when I come home is rewarding. 

Anonymous asked: What's your personal blog?
kiwikittie asked: HOW DID YOU GET A PET FOX ?! So cute :D

I bought him from a breeder, he is terribly cute. I cant not smother him.

littlelovelythingstolike asked: Hello! I was just wondering what your name is :p btw, I love your photos of Sundance! He's absolutely gorgeous. I love your photos so much😍

My name is Jessika. Thanks you, I take so many pictures of him its ridiculous. I made this so that I wouldnt annoy everyone on instagram.



Anonymous asked: Hey! When your fox was younger did he ever bite you? Mine bit my dad's finger and has come close to biting me. He never seems mad or anything when he does it so I was wondering if this is normal? And how do I stop it?

Sundance was very nippy as a baby. Foxes are mouthy in general, they play bite and they do that as a way to socialize. However, if its something that you want to break you would need to start now. You can try using a spray bottle of water and deluded vinegar and whenever your kit gets too rough just give it a spritz. Sundance had bitten me to the point where it drew blood twice, once on my hand and once on my face, both times I blame myself. I was not paying attention to his body language and I pushed him too far when he was already irritated. That was also when his was much younger and bites are a rare thing these days. He’s more of a love bug lately.


A Facebook acquaintance just posted a picture of himself holding a baby fox and the caption said that it is a “fire and ice type domestic red fox” and I have SO MANY QUESTIONS. 

Is it actually domestic? Do you need an exotic pet license to have one? DO they act more like dogs or cats? Are they temperamental? Will I be allergic to it? 

But look at this fucking thing


Well, that’s a very cute baby. Domestic, no. Depending on where it came from it is more than likely a ranched fox. Depending on where you live you may need a permit and it’s always best to check with your local state/county laws before acquiring one of these guys. The only way to describe how they act would be to imagine if a dog, cat, ferret and toddler were all one being. They can make good pets depending on the circumstances but they need a lot more than an actual domestic dog or cat would. Allergies may vary. Generally if you’re allergic to dogs or cats you’ll be allergic to foxes as well .
meuslupos asked: Sooooo cuteeeeee!!!

Oh shucks