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tedizself asked: Ahhh oh my goodness! Did you name your fox after the pony?

I can’t say I did, it was just always a name I had liked since I was young. I’m not even sure where I first heard it

rampagerabbit asked: Congrats on the foxy sibling! Though that may mean double the sass, gekks, and dorky foxes!~

Thanks friend! That’s exactly what it means and it’s going to be spectacularly adorable

Be Excited With Me



I would like to officially announce that Sundance will have a new little brother or sister this spring. Yeeeee!

are you going to get a morph or a classic red? :3

He or she will either be a classic red, or a cross.

Be Excited With Me

I would like to officially announce that Sundance will have a new little brother or sister this spring. Yeeeee!

kitsuneears asked: Oh I just found your blog and I feel lucky I did :3 such a cute fox! And that paw-hand picture shows your connection with him so well :3

Happy to have you! I like to think were pretty connected too

worst-gift-giver-ever asked: Hi, I have always been in love with the beauty and just pure amazing quality of foxes and I have been patiently/impatiently waiting until I'm 21 to adopt one. I have a plan to get a domestic one from a breeder who owns her own ranch in Indiana, and I was wondering if you had any grooming, training, housing, feeding, healthcare, or any other advice or tips for me? Please and thank you! Sundance is SUCH a beautiful fox and I hope I can have my own and be just as happy one day!

I apologize it’s taken so long for me to get back to you, I’ve been on an extended trip in the north west and haven’t been on the internet much. It sounds like you’ve looked into the logistics of owning a fox which is great! Finding a good breeder is the best place to start they can really give you the most information you need and will usually have a care sheet placed on their website.

That’s a lot of information for one post so ill keep it brief for each subject.

  • Grooming - foxes do pretty well at self grooming, when you have a kit you’ll find yourself doing a little bit more bathing because they will tend to sleep in their litter box and they’re a little more messy with the whole bathroom stuff in general but as adults you really wont need to bathe that often. Brushing is a must in the spring though, while loosing their winter coat fur comes off in clumps. I’m still finding tuffs of fur everywhere.
  • Training- Sundance has always been very food motivated so it was easy to train him. Marshmallows are his favorite and he’ll do pretty much anything i ask for a marshmallow. However, since foxes are so intelligent they will try to push the boundaries. I think it really depends on the fox and what your attempting to train them but consistency is key 
  • Housing- You’ll need an outdoor enclosure,unless your brave, but you really aren’t going to want your little bugger in the house 24/7 it won’t be good for you or the critter. It really depends on your preference for an enclosure I’d do a google search on it but personally i think the easiest would be to purchase a galvanized prefabricated kennel which you can get at Home Depot or Lowes. You’d just need to make sure that its dig proof and has a roof because they are escape artists.
  • Feeding- Most importantly foxes need tuarine in their diet. This can be found in raw meats and eggs, cat food, and some dog foods can contain a small portion but since this is needed its best to not feed only dry dog kibble to your fox. The best thing to do is to feed raw meats mixed with vegetables and fruits. I keep kibble out for little nibbles during the day but most of it ends up hidden in my couch anyway. On the daily Sundance eats chicken gizzards, carrots, a raw egg, and sweet potatoes. When we mix it up he gets venison, peaches, apples, other chicken parts, beef, watermelon, nuts and squash.

Feel free to message me on any specifics, also try going here to Sybil’s Den red fox care sheet, it’ll answer your questions in more detail